Milestone: Over 14.8 Billion Google Views Logged in allLocal

In preparation for the launch of the new allLocal reporting platform, which is now a public-facing beta, we have been digging into the performance data flowing into the allLocal dashboard from GMB and other engines, including Views and Click Actions.

As a result, we’ve calculated that allLocal has logged over 14.8 billion (yes, billion with a “B”) total customer views for our clients, and counting, since we began pulling Insight metrics from Google.

During this time, we have logged hundreds of millions of customer actions, including clicks to website, clicks to directions, and clicks to call.

In terms of percentages, we have calculated a total customer action rate of 4.21% based on the three customer actions Google reports in GMB Insights. And if we tentatively consider a photo view as an auxiliary action, since a photo view requires interaction with the listing, this number is bumped up significantly. We’ve found that photos, more than calls, websites, or even directions, see the most interaction on GMB profiles.

Customer Actions Breakdown

Website clicks: 1.23% Direction clicks: 2.25% Calls: 0.74%

If you would like to start viewing this data and more in the allLocal dashboard, please reach out to to get started. Once the data has been imported, you’ll have access to roll-up reports for Google views (organic or Google Maps), Google customer actions (website visits, driving direction clicks, clicks to call), Bing views, Facebook and Foursquare metrics, listing accuracy history, review monitoring, rankings and more.

Let us be your local search secret weapon. Whether you are a search agency or a multi-location brand, we can help. We’ve boosted impressions and traffic for 100% of our clients across our 20 year history (over eight years in local SEO).

Contact us today to find out how we can help you, and to schedule a demo of the new allLocal platform — 760.542-7447 or

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