Retail or Online Marketing: Who ‘Owns’ Local Search?

allLocal is a dream product for a salesperson.  It fills a gap in the market and it provides significant value for local businesses.  I have had the pleasure of presenting the product to advertising agencies and fortune 500 companies, most of which have had overwhelmingly positive feedback about allLocal, but inevitably the same question almost always comes up “whose budget should pay for this product?”

Local listings drive foot traffic to brick and mortar locations, but also online as the business name will typically link to the website homepage.  This gives the user the option of converting offline or online.  The business owner should be happy to get that conversion whether it’s in a store or via the website, but this is where the line gets blurry about whose budget should be paying for a local product.   The retail team gets credit for in-store sales and the online marketing team is tasked with driving acquisitions online.  In theory two teams within the same company want that conversion to take place; they just want it to take place in their revenue channel.

In a perfect world both of those teams would be working for the greater good of the company and agree to split the low costs of a platform like allLocal because it makes sense for the customers that are trying to find their business.  The reality is that it takes just one sale from each local listing, whether it’s offline or online, to more than cover the monthly costs of allLocal.

We (Finally) Launched Our New Website

In any company, prioritization is key. Where do you spend your marketing dollars, where do you spend your development time and what comes first on each of the product roadmaps? This is especially true in a small company like ours. While we have been working hard to make local search marketing and reputation management easier for local businesses, we have for the most part ignored our website…until now! The new is live, complete with some online demos and a local search marketing learning center. Now back to work…