A New Approach To Local Online Advertising

The conversation has changed.  It is no longer about whether online, and increasingly mobile, are important to the small and local business.  That point is clear and the data is there to support it…and we will look at that data in a future post.  The conversation has moved onto the much more interesting and challenging problem of making digital media work for the local business.   This is where we enter the picture.  At allLocal, our mission is to “help grow local businesses through the use of digital media”.

The definition of success in this environment is as varied as the millions of local businesses across the United States.  However, we believe that there is a core ‘framework’ for success built around a holistic approach.  The allLocal technology will intelligently implement this framework, allowing the local business owner to focus on what they do best: run their business.

We are by no means the first to attack this problem.  The market is full of companies claiming similar goals and similar solutions.  However, our approach is different.  We are a product and technology company first.  Our approach is to create the best products and let those products be our ultimate marketing tool.  We also approach the space with a sincere interest in the success of small and local businesses.  Because of this, allLocal will always provide pricing that is value-based, transparent and absent of long-term commitments.

Our difference is trust, value and simplicity.

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