Announcing Google My Business Locations Bulk API (v2)

Announcing Google My Business Locations Bulk API (v2)

Today Google has released new API functionality for managing listings in bulk verified accounts. Previously, the API allowed businesses to edit only individually verified listings and those edits would be eligible to to go live on Google Search and Maps.

Companies interested in managing local listings in bulk must apply to use the API and go through a vetting process before being whitelisted to use the API.

There have been a slew of recent updates in GMBL in preparation for the new API release, including being able to mark “closed” listings as open and open listings as permanently closed in-dash, as well as being able to upload store code with only updated fields.

Through the API, whitelisted users can create new records, update existing records, and mark listings as closed. Below are some of the features of the API:

  • Use the account credentials of a bulk-verified GMB account you intend to manage via the API
  • Read and update location information using the API (store code, name, address, phone, category, website, hours, special hours, labels etc)
  • Add/Remove different types of photos
  • Invite and remove managers on a Business Account and on individual locations
  • Take action on locations that have “Google updates”
  • Filter for locations that are “closed”
  • Create a new location under this account

Through the API, users still cannot:

  • Access Insights
  • Access Reviews
  • Verify an account
  • Resolve suspended or duplicate listing issues
  • Resolve owner conflicts
  • Create Business Accounts

To view more details on GMB’s API v2, view the documentation here:

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