Milestone: Over 14.8 Billion Google Views Logged in allLocal

In preparation for the launch of the new allLocal reporting platform, which is now a public-facing beta, we have been digging into the performance data flowing into the allLocal dashboard from GMB and other engines, including Views and Click Actions.

As a result, we’ve calculated that allLocal has logged over 14.8 billion (yes, billion with a “B”) total customer views for our clients, and counting, since we began pulling Insight metrics from Google.

During this time, we have logged hundreds of millions of customer actions, including clicks to website, clicks to directions, and clicks to call.

In terms of percentages, we have calculated a total customer action rate of 4.21% based on the three customer actions Google reports in GMB Insights. And if we tentatively consider a photo view as an auxiliary action, since a photo view requires interaction with the listing, this number is bumped up significantly. We’ve found that photos, more than calls, websites, or even directions, see the most interaction on GMB profiles.

Customer Actions Breakdown

Website clicks: 1.23% Direction clicks: 2.25% Calls: 0.74%

If you would like to start viewing this data and more in the allLocal dashboard, please reach out to to get started. Once the data has been imported, you’ll have access to roll-up reports for Google views (organic or Google Maps), Google customer actions (website visits, driving direction clicks, clicks to call), Bing views, Facebook and Foursquare metrics, listing accuracy history, review monitoring, rankings and more.

Let us be your local search secret weapon. Whether you are a search agency or a multi-location brand, we can help. We’ve boosted impressions and traffic for 100% of our clients across our 20 year history (over eight years in local SEO).

Contact us today to find out how we can help you, and to schedule a demo of the new allLocal platform — 760.542-7447 or

Position Technologies and Factual Partner for Business Listing Data

Position Technologies and Factual Partner for Business Listing Data

July 24th, 2014

Geneva, IL – Position Technologies announced the addition of Factual Inc. to the network of sites for which they manage and distribute local business listings for Fortune 500 brands.

Jim Stob, founder and CEO of Position Technologies said, “The ecosystem for local business listing information is constantly evolving. The complex network of web sites, services and data relationships that make up this ecosystem are very challenging to navigate. Position Technologies’ products and services enable brands to proactively manage their business listing information across the entire ecosystem.”

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allLocal Adds TomTom to the Listings Network

Saint Charles, IL – October 28, 2013 – allLocal, a Position Technologies product, announced the addition of TomTom navigation systems to the allLocal network of sites for which they manage and distribute local listings data on the behalf of brands.

Through a strategic partnership with NavAds, the global distributor of TomTom Places Premium Listing services, allLocal is now able to add local listings to the TomTom maps for its North American customers.

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Retail or Online Marketing: Who ‘Owns’ Local Search?

allLocal is a dream product for a salesperson.  It fills a gap in the market and it provides significant value for local businesses.  I have had the pleasure of presenting the product to advertising agencies and fortune 500 companies, most of which have had overwhelmingly positive feedback about allLocal, but inevitably the same question almost always comes up “whose budget should pay for this product?”

Local listings drive foot traffic to brick and mortar locations, but also online as the business name will typically link to the website homepage.  This gives the user the option of converting offline or online.  The business owner should be happy to get that conversion whether it’s in a store or via the website, but this is where the line gets blurry about whose budget should be paying for a local product.   The retail team gets credit for in-store sales and the online marketing team is tasked with driving acquisitions online.  In theory two teams within the same company want that conversion to take place; they just want it to take place in their revenue channel.

In a perfect world both of those teams would be working for the greater good of the company and agree to split the low costs of a platform like allLocal because it makes sense for the customers that are trying to find their business.  The reality is that it takes just one sale from each local listing, whether it’s offline or online, to more than cover the monthly costs of allLocal.

We (Finally) Launched Our New Website

In any company, prioritization is key. Where do you spend your marketing dollars, where do you spend your development time and what comes first on each of the product roadmaps? This is especially true in a small company like ours. While we have been working hard to make local search marketing and reputation management easier for local businesses, we have for the most part ignored our website…until now! The new is live, complete with some online demos and a local search marketing learning center. Now back to work…

A New Approach To Local Online Advertising

The conversation has changed.  It is no longer about whether online, and increasingly mobile, are important to the small and local business.  That point is clear and the data is there to support it…and we will look at that data in a future post.  The conversation has moved onto the much more interesting and challenging problem of making digital media work for the local business.   This is where we enter the picture.  At allLocal, our mission is to “help grow local businesses through the use of digital media”.

The definition of success in this environment is as varied as the millions of local businesses across the United States.  However, we believe that there is a core ‘framework’ for success built around a holistic approach.  The allLocal technology will intelligently implement this framework, allowing the local business owner to focus on what they do best: run their business.

We are by no means the first to attack this problem.  The market is full of companies claiming similar goals and similar solutions.  However, our approach is different.  We are a product and technology company first.  Our approach is to create the best products and let those products be our ultimate marketing tool.  We also approach the space with a sincere interest in the success of small and local businesses.  Because of this, allLocal will always provide pricing that is value-based, transparent and absent of long-term commitments.

Our difference is trust, value and simplicity.