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Google has released a long-awaited and requested feature in the Google My Business Locations dashboard. The bulk dashboard interface now allows for an easier upload of updates to existing locations. Now, when uploading files to the dashboard, businesses are only required to upload those fields that have changes.

Previously, if a business tried to upload a file that was missing any required fields (business name, country, address 1, primary category), an error window would pop up informing the user that certain fields were missing, like so:


So for example, if a client or business only has updates to hours to process in GMBL, they can upload a file with only the store code and hours fields. If a file like this were uploaded prior to this change, the rest of the data in the account would have been wiped out completely.

This error screen will still appear if a user tries to upload a file with new locations, and any of the required fields are missing. As long as there are only updates to existing listings being uploaded, users will no longer run into this error.

The update comes as a welcome change, especially for accounts with a large volume of locations, where processing the full feed in Google takes significant time. The change is also beneficial in that it prevents the need to manually fix address or pin marker errors that incorrectly occur in the dashboard when having to regularly re-submit address data. Overall, the new process for updates should greatly streamline the bulk data upload process. Check it out!

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  1. Sara Garrison
    Sara Garrison says:

    Amit, the functionality change won’t necessarily be apparent in the dash at a glance. You’ll have to process a feed to see that it works. But Google did update their online help documentation here regarding this update:

    “If you’re only updating particular fields for existing locations, you may include only the columns for store code and the fields you want to change, and leave the other columns empty. If you accidentally add a new location as well, you’ll be alerted that you’re missing required column headings. You will also see errors highlighted in your account that need action.”


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