New Bing Places for Business Dashboard Accepts Google Feed Format

With the launch of Bing’s new Places Dashboard, Bing claims that they are making “claiming bulk listings quick and hassle-free.” Business owners now have two options for bulk uploading their data on Bing: they can either upload a file in Bing’s feed format (which has not changed significantly from the previous Bing Business Portal version), or upload in Google’s feed format (which is admittedly less comprehensive).


Bing gives users instructions on how to upload their Google listings in their new Help FAQ:

How can I import my listing information from Google Places for Business?

  • It is easy to import your listing information from Google through these simple steps.
  • Sign-in to your Google Places for Business page
  • Go to “Your businesses” page if not taken directly
  • Click the “Download your current data file” link
  • Download the file ( a “.csv” file) to your computer
  • Open the downloaded CSV file in Excel
  • Make the following changes
  • Ensure all listings have a store ID
  • Replace Google category names with Bing category names
  • You can obtain the Bing category names from the sample Excel file (“Bing Places Sample” from the “Add multiple businesses” section in the Bing Places for Business portal)
  • Save your changes and save the file in Excel format (run the “save as” command in Excel)
  • Go to the “Add multiple businesses” section in Bing Places for Business portal
  • Upload the saved Excel file
  • Specify the designated contact and click submit

Users just have to ensure that their data file is saved in excel format (not csv) and that they replace the Google categories with Bing’s approved categories.

Bing must have figured that many businesses have already bulk-claimed their listings on Google, and that using the existing feed format would reduce the number of necessary steps to get their data live on Bing.

Among the changes to the Bing feed format with the new platform, Bing is now allowing for 10 total categories (up from 6), which brings their feed format in line with Google’s (in the upgraded Google Places for Business dashboard).

It is also worth mentioning that according to the new feed format documentation, Bing is now requiring identical Business Names in a file, which was not stipulated in the feed format previously. This is likely intended to clean up the Name field and prevent spamming, e.g. “Majestic Pizza San Francisco” and “Majestic Pizza Orlando” should now both be simply “Majestic Pizza” on Bing.

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  1. brian
    brian says:

    Bing Places for Business Dashboard is the worst interface EVER. Bulk upload has virtually no meaningful documentation or help. It doesn’t work. Dont waste your time. A total joke. Stick with Google.


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