Local Media Talking About the Importance of Search has an article talking about the importance of search marketing.  Covers the basics of good links and good content…but also points out that there is a large gap between the value of search marketing and the typical business owner’s understanding of the space.

Showing up prominently in [Google, Yahoo and Bing] search results has become an important part of basic sales and marketing strategy for businesses – but one that isn’t well understood.

Always great to see people out side of “the space” talking about how critical search is to a business.

Biggest Problems for Small Businesses?

Based on a NFIB Small Business Optimism Index study and via The Business Insider:


Poor sales?  Some online advertising can help with that!

Real Life Fiction About Running a Small Business

CNN Small Business has a short piece on a the Buddenbrooks chronicles by German author Thomas Mann.   Despite the fact that the books were written over 100 years ago, their lessons around running a small business still ring true — especially when it comes to businesses that span multiple generations.  With all the advances in the last 100 years, it is both refreshing and concerning that things really haven’t changed that much.